International Fine Arts Competition
"Warm color"
Sun Day - May 3 
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  • Still life

  • Landscape 

  • Portrait

  • Thematic composition

  • Decorative and applied composition

  • Traditional crafts and trades

  • Design and architecture

  • Sculpture and modeling

  • Computer graphics

  • Presentation

  • Research work and projects

  • Methodical development

 Acceptance of works:

  • from April 19 to May 15, 2021 ;


Announcement of results, distribution of diplomas:

  • May 16-19, 2021;


Age of participants:

  • 3-18 years old, adults;


Registration fee:  

  • 100 rubles


  • One participant, according to the jury,  provided  the best work, is the winner of the Competition and is awarded the Grand Prix Diploma​  and a memento. 

  • By the decision of the organizing committee, in addition to the winner of the Competition (Grand Prix), or instead of him, the Winners can be determined  in the nomination (Winner's Diploma)


In each age category and in each nomination of the competition, the following are noted:

  • Laureate Diploma (I, II, III degrees);

  • Diploma (I, II, III place);

  • Honorable Mention;

  • Participant diploma;



  • Diploma for the curator for the preparation of the winner / participant (paid separately).

  • Special letters of thanks for teachers who applied for the competition 6 or more participants (free of charge). 

How to participate:

1. Read the terms and conditions of the competition.

2. Fill out the work in accordance with the rules for registration of competitive works.

3. Pay the registration fee in accordance with the terms of the regulation. 

If there are several participants, transfer the registration fee in the same amount, in the comments list all participants.


1. Through a module built on the site. This way you can pay with any Visa or Master Card without leaving your home.

2. Through  payment system "Yandex Money" to account No.  410013377878076


3. Other payment methods 

4. The application for the Competition is accepted in two versions  within a period not later than indicated on the competition page.


Competition diploma:

Option 1: Using a special form on the site.

Click on the button "Submit your application online" on the competition page and fill in all the proposed fields. A new form must be filled out for each job.

  • We recommend that participants submitting more than 5 works or a collective application from an institution submit an application via e-mail (this will take less time).

Option 2: Application for e-mail of the organizing committee.

If several participants from one teacher participate, then it is necessary to list all the participants in one application and try to send all the work in one letter. 

Download and fill out an application for participation in the competition. Send the package of documents to the mail of the organizing committee  within a period not later than indicated on the page of the Contest.

The package of documents includes:

1. Application for participation in the competition (in doc, docx, rtf format)

  • Handwritten applications, photographs or scanned copies will not be accepted.


2. Competition works.

  • All files with works must be signed (Surname, Name, age), for example: Ivanov Ivan, 7 years old.  Unsigned files will not be accepted for the competition.

3. Scanned copy of the receipt (the receipt must have: date, time of payment), or scanned copy of the document confirming the benefit.  

  • When paying org. payment through a module built into the website or the Yandex Money system, the application specifies: payer's FI, amount, date and method of payment. You don't have to attach the check.


Gallery of works

Шепелева Маргарита, 5 лет

Шепелева Маргарита, 5 лет

Евстратова Ева_5 лет

Евстратова Ева_5 лет

Клюева Варвара_4 года

Клюева Варвара_4 года

Папанян Нарек_6 лет

Папанян Нарек_6 лет

Шаршнева Елена_6 лет

Шаршнева Елена_6 лет

Плохих Варвара 16 лет

Плохих Варвара 16 лет

Муравина Екатерина, 15 лет

Муравина Екатерина, 15 лет

Жители ветвистого дерева преподаватель Конищева Анна Сергеевна Муниципальное автономное учреждение дополнительного образования Кушвинского городского округа "Баранчинская детская школа искусств" Свердловская область, поселок Баранчинский

Лера Молчанова, 8 лет

Лера Молчанова, 8 лет

Рыбак Зинаида Викторовна Пенягина Пермский край, город Пермь

Кира Пиль

Кира Пиль

Аквариум Зинаида Викторовна Пенягина - Пермский край, город Пермь

Лиза Субботина, 7 лет

Лиза Субботина, 7 лет

Смешарики на речке Зинаида Викторовна Пенягина Пермский край, город Пермь

Фань Яньмэн

Фань Яньмэн

Риверсайд Преподаватель Фань Яньмэн Harbin University of Science and Technology, China

Competition Regulations


By the fact of the submission of the work and the application for the competition, its participants confirm their agreement with the terms of the competition regulations,

and also confirm their consent to the placement of personal data in the minutes of the Competition and when placing the work in the gallery of the competition.


Goals and objectives of the competition:

  • Formation of an international cultural and educational space in the field of culture and art.

  • Development and strengthening of friendly, cultural and creative ties between the regions of Russia and abroad.

  • Providing participants with the opportunity to compete on a scale that transcends institution, region and country.

  • Popularization of creativity.

  • Revealing gifted individuals and creating conditions for their self-realization.

  • Support of national traditions and culture of peoples.

  • Promotion of the creative realization of disabled children, orphans, children from socially unprotected families and their adaptation in society.


Invited to participate: preschoolers, schoolchildren, school groups, students, members of creative associations, libraries, museums, students of art, music schools and art schools, circles, studios, children's creativity centers, houses of creativity and other children's organizations in the Russian Federation and abroad, and also teachers, teachers of educational institutions  of all types and types, educators and specialists of various types of preschool education institutions, teachers of additional education, speech therapists, educational psychologists, teachers of the secondary vocational education system, teachers of colleges, schools, universities, specialists, cultural and art workers and individual participants from the regions Russia and abroad.

Age categories of participants:

   3-4 years;                9-10 years old;               15-16 years old;

   5-6 years old;                 11-12 years old;              17-18 years old;

   7-8 years old;                13-14 years old;               Adults.


Competition nominations:

Each participant can apply for participation in one or several nominations, in each of which one or more competitive works can be submitted.

  • Fine arts by directions:  Still life, Landscape, Portrait, Thematic composition   - (drawings made on paper or cardboard). Creative drawings can be made in any technique (gouache, watercolor, oil and dry pastels, ink, oil, simple and colored pencils, felt-tip pens, mixed techniques, etc.); ​​

  • Decorative and applied composition - products made using various materials (beads, textile materials, paper, cardboard, scrap materials, natural materials, etc.) and in any technique (carving, painting, embroidery, mosaic, stained glass, batik, doll, knitting,  applique, etc.)  

  • Traditional crafts and trades - woodcarving, bone and horn, stone, etc .; clay and wooden toys; pottery; traditional murals  etc. The works should reflect the characteristic features of folk art .

  • Sculpture and modeling  - small plastic, round sculpture and reliefs made in different materials: plasticine, clay, dough, plastic, etc .;


  • Computer graphics . Works performed using graphic programs in vector or raster graphics;


  • Design and architecture - creative projects, projects in the field of environmental and industrial design, architecture, clothing, etc.

  • Presentation on a given topic (at least 10 slides); ​​


  • Research work and creative projects.

  • Methodical development - pedagogical projects, master classes, scripts, didactic games, visual aids, presentations, etc. on a given topic;


Requirements for competitive entries:

   1. Works that do not correspond to the subject matter of the Competition and nominations will not be allowed to participate.

   2. Works are accepted for the Competition, the copyright to which belongs to the Participant.  

   3. Works are not reviewed or returned.

   4. All Contest Entries are placed in the Gallery as  receipt of works.

   5. The organizer reserves the right to use the works in order to popularize and develop the competition, in methodological and charitable activities without the consent of the author and without paying the royalties.

   6. Works of Art nominations are accepted in jpg, pdf, png formats. (photographs or scanned copies of works).

  • Photos should be cropped (without foreign objects and background) , high quality, clear.

  • It is forbidden to process photographs in graphic editors.

  • For works of arts and crafts and sculptures, it is possible to design collages, to demonstrate the product from several, the most expressive angles.

  • Competition works must be signed according to the example: Ivanov Ivan, 7 years old. In additional  there is no need for information when signing works.  

   7.  Works in the nominations: Presentation, Projects and Methodological Developments  accepted in the following formats: pptx, pdf, doc, docx, rtf;

  • Literary works must be accompanied by a signature with information about the author of the work. 

  • Presentations, methodological developments, research projects must have a title page containing information about the topic of the work and its author.

  • Text works (optional) can be accompanied by photo and video materials, pictures, layouts, drawings, tables, graphs, diagrams, booklets, etc.

Financial conditions of the competition:

   1. Works sent to the competition later than the deadlines indicated on the website without agreement with the organizing committee are not accepted.

   2. Competitions are organized free of charge (Placement of the competition work in the gallery, participation in the competition without an award document).

   3. Participants pay an organizational fee for:

  • formation of the prize fund for the Site Contests;

  • technical support and site maintenance;

  • execution of award documents;

  • printing of award documents to the winners (Grand Prix winners of the competition);

  • postage for the mailing of award documents, prizes to the winners (owners of the Grand Prix of the competition).

   4.  The registration fee is paid for each work submitted to the Competition.  The registration fee includes the cost of the Award Document to the Contest participant in electronic form.

   5. The amount of the registration fee is 100 rubles.  

   6. Children with disabilities, orphans and children left without parental care participate in the competition free of charge upon presentation of a scanned copy of the supporting document.

   7. The diploma of the curator for the preparation of the winner / participant of the Competition is paid additionally, in the amount of 20 rubles for each electronic document with the wording: "for the preparation at a high professional level of the winner of the FI competition (participant)"

   8. The organizational fee can be paid through the form on the website, by transfer from a card, through Sberbank-online to an account in YuMoney (Yandex Money).


Discounts and bonuses :

   1. If 10 or more participants are submitted to the Competition from one curator within one working day  - the registration fee is 80 rubles for each work.  

   2. A letter of thanks to the curators who have submitted 6 or more competitive works is issued free of charge with the wording: "for the preparation of the winners of the competition at a high professional level, a great contribution to the development of children's and youth's creativity"

   3. A letter of thanks to institutions actively participating in the Competition is issued free of charge with the wording: “for the active participation of the teaching staff in creative projects of the International Center for Creative Development“ Art-Bird ”, the high level of the works presented, a significant contribution to the development of children's and youthful creativity, culture and art "


   1. The Chief Editor of the International Center for Creative Development "Art Bird" is appointed as the Chairman of the Jury of the Competition.

   2. The Chairman of the Jury of the Competition performs the following functions:

  • forms the composition of the Jury;

  • directs the work of the Jury;

  • draws up and signs the Protocol for summing up the results of the Competition;

  • signs the Award documents of the Competition.

   3. The jury of the Competition consists of workers of culture, art, pedagogy, who have honorary titles and awards; professional painters, designers, craftsmen, musicians, performers, etc .; and, carries out its activities in accordance with this Regulation.

   4. The decision of the Jury is final, not subject to revision, and is drawn up in the form of a protocol signed by the Chairman of the Jury.

   5. The minutes of the Competition are published on the competition page on the website within 5 working days from the date of the Jury's work.


Take part in the work of the Jury:

   1. Teachers, educators, educators, heads of studios and circles, professional artists, designers, craftsmen, etc. can become a special member of the jury. LEARN MORE

  • Applicants participate in judicial work free of charge.

  • If the Jury team is staffed, the Organizer has the right to refuse the Applicant the opportunity to take part in the work of the Jury of this competition.  

   2. All members of the Jury are awarded Letters of Gratitude for the work performed, and receive the right to submit up to 10 works of their wards or pupils with payment of an organizational fee with a 50% discount for any event during  three months from the date of the judicial work.


Evaluation criteria for competitive works:

Artistic nominations:

  • Originality of the creative concept  and compliance with the theme and nominations of the Competition;

  • Composite solution;

  • Coloristic solution in revealing an emotional or plot image;

  • Quality of work and accuracy;

  • Visual skills, in accordance with age characteristics.

  • Aesthetic appearance and design of work;


Research work:

  • Originality of the creative concept and compliance with the theme of the Competition;

  • A short introduction to the research problem, a clear presentation of the research topic;

  • Formulation of relevance, goals, objectives;

  • Theoretical study of the topic, use of literature;

  • Availability of illustrative material identifying the main stages and components of the study;

  • The originality of the author's position (having his own point of view on the results obtained);

  • Generalization of results and formulation of conclusions.


Methodological developments, presentations:

  • Completeness and originality of the disclosure of the topic of the Competition;

  • Completeness and information content of the material;

  • Style and clarity of presentation, consistency of the structure of the material;

  • The quality of design and clarity of the material;

  • Social significance.


Pedagogical projects:

  • The importance and necessity of the implementation of a pedagogical project for an educational institution in general, and the educational process in particular;

  • Clarity, clarity of achievability of goals and objectives, consistency of the flow of tasks from the problems identified in the project;

  • Correctness of the choice of project activities, adherence to the sequence of actions, rationality, limitation of the set of activities;

  • Adequacy of indicators for assessing the effectiveness of the project;

  • Compliance with the logical concept of the project, the presence of a chain: problem-goal-tasks-method-result.

Summing up the results of the competition and awarding the winners:

   1. Contest works are evaluated by the Jury team.

   2.  The Jury of the Competition reserves the right to add additional nominations, as well as the right to make changes to the nominations declared by the participants (to transfer works to other nominations).

   3. The number of Laureates, Diploma winners and participants is unlimited.

   4. Competition works are evaluated among other works of their age category and their nomination (works of different ages do not compete with each other).

   5.  The formation of the prize fund of the Competition, the costs of printing the Award documents to the winner and the curator, sending by Russian Post are organized at the expense of the received registration fees from the participants of the Competition.  


One participant who, in the opinion of the jury, provided  the best work is awarded with a GRAND PRIX diploma...  

  • GRAND PRIX award  includes: Grand Prix Diploma (printed original version), a memento to the winner, a letter of thanks to the curator (printed original version).  

  • A commemorative gift is selected at the discretion of the Organizer for each competition individually.

  • Award documents in printed form and a memento are sent to the winner by Russian Post at the expense of the Organizer.

  • If a small number of participants are announced for the competition, then the winner of the Grand Prix may not be selected (at the discretion of the organizer).  

  • By the decision of the organizing committee, in addition to the winner of the Competition (Grand Prix), or instead of him, the Winners of the competition in the nomination (Winner's Diploma) can be determined

In each age category and in each nomination of the competition, the following will be noted:

  • Laureate Diploma (I, II, III degrees);

  • Diploma (I, II, III place);

  • Honorable Mention;

  • Participant diploma;



  • Diploma for the curator for the preparation of the winner / participant (paid separately).

  • Special letters of thanks for teachers who applied for the competition 6 or more participants (free of charge).  


   6. Registration and distribution of the Award documents to the e-mail addresses of the participants is carried out within the timeframes stipulated by the regulations of the Competition.